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Season 14 Hot Ones Trio - Super Hot Sauces
Season 14 Hot Ones Trio - Super Hot Sauces
Season 14 Hot Ones Trio - Super Hot Sauces
The Classic - Super Hot Sauces
Los Calientes Rojo - Super Hot Sauces
The Last Dab | APOLLO - Super Hot Sauces

Season 14 Hot Ones Trio

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The official Hot Ones sauces anchoring the Season 14 lineup! Starting with the mildest, Season 14 brings back the #1 sauce, The Classic (aka Red Label aka The OG). Los Calientes Rojo continues its run in the #5 spot with its signature sweet and smoky flavor coming from applewood smoked red jalapenos (and more than a few habaneros). The grand finale is our spiciest Last Dab yet, The APOLLO, featuring Smokin’ Ed’s hottest ever chilli pepper of the same name. Ideal for doing a mini wing challenge at home, these are the sauces every Hot Ones fan needs in their collection. 

Hot Ones | The Classic
Ingredients: Organic chile de arbol, organic apple cider vinegar, organic rice vinegar, water, organic garlic, organic turmeric, salt
Size: 148 ml

Hot Ones | Los Calientes Rojo
Ingredients: Peppers (smoked red jalapeño, habanero), apricot (ascorbic acid added), apple cider vinegar, agave nectar, lemon juice, tomatillo, water, garlic, salt, toasted onion, cumin, culantro, black pepper, thyme, celery seed
Size: 148 ml

Hot Ones | The Last Dab Apollo
Ingredients: The Apollo Pepper, distilled vinegar, The Apollo Pepper powder, The Apollo Pepper distillate
Size: 148 ml