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Hot Ones 10 Pack - Season 16 Briefcase - Super Hot Sauces
Hot Ones 10 Pack - Season 16 Briefcase Model - Super Hot Sauces
Hot Ones 10 Pack - Season 16 Lineup - Super Hot Sauces
Hot Ones 10 Pack - Season 16 Stack - Super Hot Sauces
Hot Ones 10 Pack - Season 16 Rows - Super Hot Sauces

Hot Ones 10 Pack - Season 16 Briefcase

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The hottest gift for Hot Ones fans: The ultimate 10-hot sauce challenge! All the official Hot Ones hot sauces gracing the wings of doom on Hot Ones Season 16, now in a beautiful briefcase box with tasting guide and stickers. Featuring the full Hot Ones lineup - with the substitution of the all-natural Da Bomb Evolution - the 10 pack is THE way to experience Hot Ones at home. Hot Ones Season 16’s sauces are some of our tastiest and most unique yet, featuring intriguing ingredient and pepper combinations, plus the return of The Classic Blue Label and the original Los Calientes Verde. Give a Spice Lord the opportunity to live the Hot Ones tradition with this one of a kind hot sauce gift set designed by hot sauce lovers for hot sauce lovers!!


  • 10 hot sauces from the Hot Ones Season 16 lineup
  • A collector’s briefcase box designed specifically for the Hot Ones lineup
  • A tasting guide for the journey up Mt Scoville
  • Hot Ones stickers of course! 

Not included: Wings (a good excuse to cook some up!)

#1 - Hot Ones - The Classic: Garlic Fresno Edition
Ingredients: Fresno chile pepper, water, apple cider vinegar, garlic puree (garlic and water), vinegar, kosher salt, organic dried garlic, organic turmeric, organic black pepper
Size: 148 ml

#2 - Yellowbird Foods | Bliss & Vinegar
Ingredients: Organic distilled vinegar, organic red serrano peppers, organic rice bran oil, strawberries, organic dates, organic coconut cream (organic coconut kernel extract, water), salt, onions, cinnamon, ginger
Size: 148 ml


#3 - Hoff & Pepper | Hoff’s Haus Sauce
Ingredients: Chiles (red jalapeno, habanero, chipotle), vinegar, clover honey, salt, garlic, black mustard seed, dill, spices
Size: 148 ml

#4 - Hot Ones | Los Calientes Verde
Ingredients: Chiles (green serrano, applewood smoked green serrano, orange habanero), apple cider, apricot (ascorbic acid added), apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, tomatillo, agave nectar, water, garlic, salt, toasted onion, cumin, culantro, black pepper, celery seed
Size: 148 ml

#5 - Hot Heads Official | Revolutionary
Ingredients: Fire roasted bell pepper, apple cider vinegar, sweet onion, Trinidad Scorpion pepper, red bell pepper, tomato paste, garlic, olive oil, sugar, blue agave, pink himalayan sea salt, sichuan & pink peppercorn, lime juice
Size: 148 ml

#6 - Señor Lechuga | .718
Ingredients: Vinegar, ghost peppers, red bell peppers, guajillo peppers, pasilla peppers, red onion, Himalayan sea salt, garlic, black lime, sweet paprika, royal cinnamon, buffalo ginger
Size: 148 ml

#7 - Chile Lengua De Fuego | Bhutila Fire
Ingredients: Smoked scotch bonnet pepper mash (scotch bonnet, white vinegar), bitter orange, jalapeno pepper mash (jalapeno, white vinegar), cilantro, salt, super hot pepper mash (chocolate ghost pepper, zinc, Trinidad scorpion, white vinegar), spice, smoked garlic, pepper powder mix (chipotle, scotch bonnet, Trinidad Scorpion)
Size: 148 ml

#8 - Da Bomb | Evolution
Ingredients: Red hot chili peppers, water, vinegar, salt, spices (including paprika and turmeric), minced garlic, cane sugar, garlic powder, extra virgin olive oil, onion powder, lemon juice concentrate, cilantro, mint
Size:  148 ml

#9 - Hellfire | Kranked
Ingredients: Reaper pepper mash (Reaper peppers, vinegar), apple cider vinegar, red wine vinegar, black garlic, garlic (garlic, water), sea salt, brown sugar (cane sugar and molasses), chili powder, cumin, onions, black pepper, curry powder (spices, turmeric, salt, contains mustard), oregano, paprika, ginger, cloves, turmeric, lemon juice from concentrate, lime juice from concentrate
Size: 148 ml

#10 - Hot Ones | The Last Dab Apollo
Ingredients: The Apollo Pepper, Distilled Vinegar, The Apollo Pepper Powder, The Apollo Pepper Distillate
Size: 148 ml
2m+ Scoville Heat Units (SHUs)