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The Last Dab: EXPERIENCE - Super Hot Sauces
The Last Dab: EXPERIENCE - Label - Super Hot Sauces
The Last Dab: EXPERIENCE - Nutrition - Super Hot Sauces


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The Last Dab Xperience is the hottest sauce on Hot Ones. It's made with Pepper X, now officially the hottest pepper in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records, averaging 2,693,000 Scoville units! Our friend and world-class pepper scientist and farmer, Smokin’ Ed Currie, worked his magic to distill his infamous Pepper X chilli down into a pure pepper concoction made from over 91% Pepper X in dried, fresh and all-natural distillate forms. Day-one Hot Ones fans will know The Last Dab Xperience carries on a legacy that started in 2017 when Hot Ones first introduced The Last Dab. At the time it was the only Pepper X hot sauce ever made. Pepper X has a unique floral flavor that tempts you to go for more before igniting your taste buds. Just watch out for the famous Pepper X head rush! Go ahead, live the Hot Ones tradition... add an eXtra dab and enjoy the eXperience with the Hot Ones Season 22 lineup!

Ingredients: Pepper x pepper, distilled vinegar, pepper x pepper powder, pepper x pepper distillate

Size: 148ml

Heat Level: Extreme
2,693,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHUs)