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A Brief History of Hot Sauce

Did you know that pepper is one of the earliest plants cultivated by man? Thanks to archaeological excavations that traced proofs of pepper consumption back in time to 7,000 BC. Today, pepper is not only domesticated. It is processed into hot sauces and is used as food condiments. Who doesn't love the heat of a spicy, chilli hot sauce on the first bite?

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Dirty Dick's Hot Sauce

The first American hot sauces were sold in 1807

History has it that the Aztecs invented hot sauce. The type of hot sauce then were the first versions of the corn tortilla, which included chilli peppers, water, and some aromatic herbs. Fast forward to 1807 hot sauce was first produced commercially in Massachusetts. It was popularly marketed as "cayenne sauce" at that time. The mid-1800s witnessed the bottling and sales of hot sauces made from tabasco peppers that were first grown by Colonel Maunsell White.

However, the history of hot sauce isn't complete without mentioning Edward McIlhenny, who obtained seeds from White and began growing chilli peppers at his Avery Island plantation in Louisiana. Tabasco sauce blazed the trail for other commercially-produced American hot sauces. Tabasco sauce's use grew from mere household condiments to a widely used sauce in big hotels and restaurants.

The famous Sriracha Sauce

The world of hot sauce didn't significantly progress until 1980 when Huy Fong Foods was founded by David Tran, a Chinese immigrant from Vietnam. This company is the maker of the famous Sriracha sauce. The Sriracha sauce is named after a town in Thailand, Si Racha, and it consists of chilli peppers, sugar, garlic, and other flavouring additives. 7 years later, the Sriracha sauce outgrew the company and made it into the kitchens and fridges of people in different countries.

Fun fact:

The Avery Island is a monumental home for curious fans of spice and nature enthusiasts. The place thrills tourists with the beauty of self-guided tours and the island's bird sanctuary and alligator spots.

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